Telehealth Workflow Integration

Telehealth Workflow Integration
  • Type of ProjectProject, Ministry of Health Planned Care
  • Stage of CompletionIn progress
  • Area of InterestTechnology, Planned care, Secondary care
  • Health DomainKaupapa Maori, Data & digital, Patient experience, Equity
  • Geographic RegionMidland
  • Priority PopulationLow-socio economic, Maori, Rural, Pacific

Organisation: Bay of Plenty District Health Board

Date of project: August 2021

The Telehealth Workflow Integration will enable interoperability of current clinical systems with telehealth and include a central portal to schedule, communicate and conduct a telehealth appointment. The integration will remove the need to use multiple systems and tools currently required which are manual in nature and which create barriers to use/ uptake for clinical and scheduling teams. An integrated telehealth workflow extends the modes of healthcare delivery available in the Bay of Plenty with the aim to increase patient and whanau engagement in their healthcare by delivering closer to home. Telehealth Workflow Integration supports the patient centric model of care and will support patient and whanau engagement regardless of their geographical location. The Telehealth Workflow Integration project will integrate telehealth capability into the clinical operating systems of WebPas and Midland Clinical Portal. The project will also increase the quality of tracking and reporting of telehealth outputs.

Bay of Plenty integrates telehealth workflow (HiNZ)

This project is funded by the Ministry of Health.

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