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Joining our membership

At the core of the NZ Telehealth Forum consists of a number of Working Groups and Communities of Practice. More information can be found about these in the About Us section of the website, but in general:

  • Working Groups - have specific projects and work plans that they focus on.
  • Community of Practices - will meet monthly for a presentation and/or discussion.

As a member of the group, you will:

  • be expected to attend and contribute to the group
  • have the opportunity to influence and advocate
  • have the opportunity to actively work towards achieving goals that drive the New Zealand Telehealth Leadership Group strategy
  • have shared representation across health, disabilities and related organisations and agencies 
  • have the opportunity to be involved in telehealth webinars, which are held each month
  • learn from like-minded people
  • receive support from other working groups and external professionals in the sector
  • share experiences, successes and challenges with others.

Be part of our community, and the telehealth transformation, by registering to be a member of the New Zealand Telehealth Forum. Complete the online membership registration form – membership is free.

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What some of our members have to say...



"I’ve been very fortunate to be involved with the New Zealand Telehealth Forum since its birth. In those beginning years, the value to me was in working alongside people with a similar mindset and varied skillset  who didn’t think I was completely mad (a common response to telehealth conversations a decade ago). This support was invaluable whilst I was trying to develop our district health boards telehealth programme. Since that time, I have found that I have been able to contribute back to others in similar situations to myself all those years ago, it is an honour that I treasure, and I continue to learn new things in every interaction I have within the Forum."

- Ruth Large, chair of New Zealand Telehealth Leadership Group 




"I have been involved in telehealth for almost 20 years, initially in rural Australia where our virtual link to the large trauma centres was vital in providing treatment in a rural emergency department, eventually expanding this service to other specialised areas. As a manager of a rural integrated health facility, and speaking from a rural health perspective, the opportunity to engage with other services both for planned care and unplanned care ensures we provide our community with access to services that otherwise would not be available. A virtual specialist appointment can take 15 minutes virtually, in comparison to a six-hour round trip on the road, which can also mean a day’s lost earnings and an increase in our carbon emissions; we need to be mindful of our carbon footprint and what we can do to decrease this. Working with the New Zealand Telehealth Leadership Group, as the co-chair of the COP Clinicians working group, has enabled me to work with other providers and people who recognise the importance of telehealth and the advantages it brings to delivering quality healthcare to our people.” 

                                                                               - Linzi Birmingham, manager, Buller Health - Te Tai o Poutini West Coast