2019 Telehealth Stocktake

A comprehensive Telehealth Stocktake was undertaken with district health boards in 2014 and Primary Care Organisations (PHO)/Non-Government Organisations (NGOs) later in 2014. These reports created an excellent benchmark to help understand telehealth activity in New Zealand at that time. The last five years have seen rapid growth in the use of telehealth, so the NZ Telehealth Forum is undertaking new surveys.

2019 DHB Telehealth Survey

The district health boards were surveyed again between October 2018 and March 2019. A Report Summary was released at the HiNZ conference on 20th November 2019 with the full report due to be released in early December 2019.

 While many people are supporting the development of the survey, the core working group members include:

Working Group Members Role and Organisation
Pat Kerr Program Lead, NZ Telehealth Forum and Director, Patricia Kerr and Associates/Telehealth NZ Ltd.
Judy Eves Sector Portfolio Manager, Technology and Digital Services, Ministry of Health.
Andrew Panckhurst Mobile Health & NZ Telehealth Resource Centre
Sam Selwyn PHD Student, University of Canterbury 

2022 Telehealth Survey

Districts (formerly District Health Boards) were invited to participate in a further telehealth stocktake. A report on the 2022 survey is in progress, to be published later in 2023.