Step 5: Evaluate & Improve

It is important to continue to monitor and evaluate your telehealth programme so you can find out what is working well and what needs to be improved.

Consider these questions

  • Is data about the programme's results being collected?
  • Is the programme meeting its objectives?
  • Does feedback suggest improvements could be made?
  • Have any challenges or barriers to success been identified?

1. Performance monitoring

  • Collect the data outlined in your performance monitoring plan so you can analyse any trends and create performance monitoring reports.

  • Obtain feedback from patients and practitioners using feedback forms they complete immediately after telehealth sessions. Feedback forms are available here

2. Improvement reports

  • Using the data collected, create a report identifying areas for potential improvement and circulate with the relevant teams or staff members responsible.

3. Implement improvements

  • Based on the data, make the necessary changes and monitor the results to ensure the programme meets its objectives.