Mode of Delivery

Recording Mode of Delivery 

The National Non-Admitted Patient Collection (NNPAC) is the reporting District Health Boards (DHB) complete for outpatient or emergency department events under 3 hours.

All DHBs should be able to record the Mode of Delivery (MOD),  including when telehealth/video conferencing is used to deliver health services. Code 6 is Videoconference and this is the mode for most telehealth events. The information captured in the DHB is reported to the Ministry of Health, usually via an extract from the Patient Administration System.  Accurate use of  MOD Code 6  is an important factor in tracking the uptake of telehealth, especially for business-as-usual services.

The Common Counting Group have defined the following modes of delivery:

Mode of Delivery code table

1 In Person
(1 patient to 1 clinician)
Individual face to face at the same location. Where tests are performed the mode of delivery is face to face
2 In Person
(1 patient to many clinicians)
Multi disciplinary meeting with patient present at the same location and time
3 In Person
(1 clinician to many patients)
Group of patients being seen by one or more clinicians at the same location and time 
4 Remote patient monitoring monitoring of patient’s biometric health information communicated from a remote patient medical device 
5 Telephone Voice only contact between patient and clinician using telephone
6 Video Communication via technology enabling remote visual and audio contact between patient and clinician(s)
7 Non-contact An event where decisions about patient health care are made without the patient being present.