Community of Practice

Many organisations have supported a full time or part time position to focus on the development and promotion of telehealth within their organisation or region. While each role varies significantly, Community of Practice (COP) is a peer group where members can support each other in their roles, and work on joint initiatives.

Community of Practice is split into two groups:

  • Telehealth Professionals
  • Telehealth Clinicians

Current Focus

  • Build sector PM capability 
  • Deal with sector operational issues and challenges
  • Support sector VC implementation
  • Engage with international peers to share learnings

 Future Focus

  • Work more closely with National CIO Forum / Sector Architects Group
  • Promote role of the Telehealth Programme Manager in DHBs, PHOs, NGOs etc 
  • Share experience with wider audience 
  • Explore virtual health options 

They are often an excellent first point of contact for providers as they have a very good understanding on the telehealth services and projects in their region. Should you wish to contact any of the co-ordinators we will facilitate this through the links below.

Clinicians Community of Practice working group chair

Chair Organisation Contact
Sarah Clarke (Chair, Telehealth Clinicians Community of Practice) Clinical Director Rural Hospitals at Northland DHB Email 

Professionals Community of Practice working group chair

Chair Organisation Contact
Nicole Redfern (co-chair, Telehealth Professionals Community of Practice) Telehealth Product Owner, Canterbury District Health Board Email 
Jess White (co-chair, Telehealth Professionals Community of Practice Programme Lead, National Health Care Home Collaborative Email