Step 1: Assess Needs and Environment

Telehealth programmes are usually introduced to meet the health care needs of a community. For example, a DHB might cover a rural area and need to provide video consultations for some patients, or because people could get better, quicker care if telehealth was used.

The first step is to find out which health care needs will be met in your community through developing a new telehealth programme. Secondly, you need to be confident you have buy-in from your organisation and community, or you run the risk of expensive equipment sitting idle.

The New Zealand Telehealth Resource Centre has staff available to visit your site. Click here to request a free site visit.

Before introducing a new telehealth programme,
consider these questions

  • What are the health care needs which are poorly serviced in your community?
  • Which of these needs could a telehealth programme help with the most?
  • Is your organisation ready to support a telehealth programme?
  • Are members of your organisation aware of telehealth and its benefits?
  • Are there any technological barriers to be addressed prior to developing a programme?
  • Are there any administrative barriers to be addressed (scheduling, billing, IT)?
  • Is there someone in the organisation who is willing to champion the programme?
  • Do you have clinical support?
  • Is there budget available to support a telehealth programme?


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