2022 PASE Whitepaper

Over the past two years, the NZ Telehealth Forum (NZTF) has seen rapid growth in activity across the country and has supported clinicians to provide telehealth services to their patients. Having conducted two previous National DHB Telehealth surveys (2014, 2019), with a third in the pipeline and having gathered extensive information from our working groups/communities of practice and national experts within the various NZTF groups, the NZTF is well placed to be setting achievable goals for the future of telehealth delivery in NZ.

The Patient Anywhere Specialist Elsewhere (PASE) model of care

This white paper explores the possibilities for NZ to deliver healthcare in a better way. It offers a pathway to reducing inequity of healthcare delivery by harnessing the power of the health system reforms and making use of the decades of experience of the New Zealand Telehealth Leadership Group (NZTLG) in what we have termed the Patient Anywhere Specialist Everywhere (PASE) model.

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Taking the PASE model forward

Based on our understanding of telehealth, we propose a preliminary processual model for operationalising PASE. It is vitally important that a full systems view is taken in order to avoid potential inequities. The true strength of this model will be seen in a whole of system/whānau/person implementation approach rather than a narrow disease or locality approach. If we can view PASE as a model to distribute regional resources nationally then we will reap the most benefit for our communities. A review of international and national models, especially in other OECD contexts can enable such insights and offer improvements and extensions to this model.


One such care model that spans multiple pathological processes and specialties to consider developing in urgency is a National long COVD-19 telehealth model. This model would allow patients anywhere to receive multi-disciplinary care provided by Specialists elsewhere, particularly when the natural course of new treatments is to centralise them. Given the impact of this disease and the need for timely support for sufferers, a service of this nature would make it an ideal national PASE model.