2014 PHOs / NGOs Telehealth Stocktake

In 2014 The National Health IT Board commissioned the NZ Telehealth Forum to undertake a stocktake to provide a better understanding of the current uptake of telehealth technologies within New Zealand. This report presents the results of Phase 2 of the stocktake, which received responses regarding surveyed telehealth activity from eleven of New Zealand’s NGOs (Non-Government Organisations) and eighteen of New Zealand’s PHOs (Primary Health Organisations).

The survey was distributed by the National Health IT Board (NHITB) to all PHOs, selected NGOs based on known or planned telehealth activity, and to the NGO liaison in the Ministry of Health for further distribution.


  • governance
  • the use of videoconferencing for current and planned clinical services
  • the supporting technical infrastructure
  • other technologies being used or planned
  • evaluations
  • barriers to uptake
  • what support the NZ Telehealth Forum and the National Health IT Board should offer district health boards to enable them to increase their use of telehealth.

The survey results provide

  • indicators from which to measure progress, the barriers that will inhibit progress and the benefits that will help to support further investment and improved uptake
  • examples of current and planned activity to help foster collaboration and to add to the growing network of telehealth expertise
  • priorities for support from the National Health IT Board and the Telehealth Forum


To receive copies of the full report prepared for the Ministry of Health by Pat Kerr, Principal Consultant, NZ Telehealth Forum, please email: help@telehealth.co.nz