Introducing a telehealth programme can be costly, and you want to get it right the first time.

In your planning, make sure you consider the needs of your community, how your organisation works best, and what you want to achieve.


Assess your organisation’s needs:
Find committed project leaders. Ensure you have buy-in from your organisation.

Familiarise yourself:
with the different telehealth applications and the technology they require, so you purchase the right products for your organisation.

Dedicated telehealth coordinator
Appoint a telehealth coordinator to manage the operational side of the programme. They'll need to be involved in the programme from early in the planning stage.

Integrate the programme
Integrate into your services by having the telehealth room close to other examination rooms and incorporating telehealth appointments into your existing scheduling.

IT Support Staff
Make sure you have access to IT support staff who know about telehealth equipment and your particular programme, so any issues can be solved quickly

Collect Data
Regularly collect data on the programme's performance so you can quickly see if improvements need to be made. Patient and clinician feedback forms are a great tool for gauging success.

Make it easy
For your administrative staff to fully integrate and support the telehealth programme by providing simple scheduling, accounting and evaluative tools.