Enterprise Schedule System

Enterprise Schedule System
  • Type of ProjectProject, Ministry of Health Planned Care
  • Stage of CompletionProposed
  • Area of InterestTechnology, Planned care, Secondary care
  • Health DomainKaupapa Maori, Data & digital, Patient experience, Equity
  • Geographic RegionMidland
  • Priority PopulationLow-socio economic, Maori, Rural, Pacific

Organisation: Bay of Plenty District Health Board 

Date of project: 2023/2024

The Enterprise Scheduling Platform will enable streamlined and agile management of planned care appointments which will contribute to equity based and patient centred models of care. The DHB will be more digitally responsive to their patients and operational requirements. The platform will provide the foundation for greater self management, and the basis for future developments such as patient portals and kiosks. The Enterprise Scheduling Platform will utilise a series of rules to make appointments within each service, reflecting the patients own health and treatment pathway. Schedulers will be able to make bookings across clinic locations with full visibility of all resources (rooms, equipment and staff) and patient preferences. Patients are able to view their appointments online, and request to reschedule if necessary. The system will cater for whanau appointments and notifications will be sent digitally if the patient confirms email as the preferred communication method.

This project is funded by the Ministry of Health. 

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