Electronic Shared Care Planning

Electronic Shared Care Planning
  • Type of ProjectMinistry of Health Planned Care, Policies & procedures, Project
  • Stage of CompletionProposed
  • Area of InterestCommunity, Youth, Aged care, Secondary care, Planned care, Integrated care, Allied health, Technology, Primary care, Nursing
  • Health DomainKaupapa Maori, Data & digital, Patient experience, Equity
  • Geographic RegionMidland
  • Priority PopulationLow-socio economic, Maori, Rural, Pacific, Older persons

Organisation: Bay of Plenty District Health Board

Date of project: 2023/2024

The aim of the Electronic Shared Care project is to support a sustainable process for the provision of quality, effective, person-directed care that enables a multi-disciplinary shared approach between PHOs, GP teams, community services, secondary services, patients and whanau. The electronic shared care model will be implemented in collaboration with the district health board's PHO partners who will collectively select a target population within the Bay of Plenty that would benefit from a multi-disciplinary approach that removes transactional care and replaces it with shared healthcare from multiple providers. The electronic shared care system requires integration with district health board and primary/ community practice management systems. In time, it is envisaged that electronic shared care will be rolled out to the wider Bay of Plenty population so that all patients and whanau benefit from the multi-disciplinary approach to health care. This further step will involve integration with health providers, including allied health, and will require careful planning, change management and training.

This project is funded by the Ministry of Health. 

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