Remote Patient Monitoring

The COVID-19 pandemic and Te Pae Tata Interim New Zealand Health Plan 2022 has put the spotlight on the use of remote technologies to support the delivery of healthcare for patients and whanau to manage their health from home using remote patient monitoring technology. The Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM) working group was established in April 2023 as a group to share our learnings, expertise and leadership.

The group recognises that with the opportunities of this technology comes concerns including equity of access, digital health equity, data volume, patient-clinician relationships, interoperability, standards, record integration, safety and ethics.  The objectives of the group are to facilitate understanding of barriers and facilitators of RPM to support development of equitable, safe, ethical, inter-operable and scalable systems.

The group’s purpose is to

  • share learnings
  • support current work
  • support and influence best practice sector adoption of RPM

The NZTF contributed to the development of the NZ Remote Patient Monitoring Guide in partnership with the Digital Health Industry Group) in 2019 (see below) and the group is collaborating to update these guidelines with sector learnings and patient stories.

Terms of Reference

Terms of Reference is coming soon. 


You can view the NZ Remote Patient Monitoring Guide by clicking on the graphic below. 



Chair Organisation Contact
Ruth Large (Chair) Chair of NZ Telehealth Forum and chair of Remote Patient Monitoring working group  Email