Growing Leadership Amongst Disabled Young People

Growing Leadership Amongst Disabled Young People
  • Type of ProjectResource
  • Stage of CompletionIn progress
  • Area of InterestOther
  • Health Domain
  • Geographic RegionNational, International
  • Priority PopulationDisability

Organisation: Plumtree Learning / FTI Trust

Observing role model leaders is a powerful way to learn about leadership. Natural settings allow us to observe and learn from the role models we live, work or interact with. However, there are great stories that aspiring leaders would never hear because the likelihood of them meeting some leaders is low. This is particularly salient with youth at risk who often have limited access to positive peer role models, who can share the stories of how they have overcome challenges that youth at risk can identify with and learn from. 

We have developed an interviewing methodology that captures Turning Points in the life of people that helped create a shift in their thinking about their lives. These stories have the potential to support youth at risk in their journey of transformation. 

We capture and analyse the data that can point to impact on participants and audience: how have people applied what they learnt? How have they used this new knowledge to change? What evidence can be shown of people either taking their next step in their own leadership development or encouraging/mentoring others in their aspiration or career development? We perform both qualitative thematic content analysis and quantitative outcome-based analyses. 

We share stories of changemakers with tangible solutions to transform lives and learning. These stories follow the learning preferences of certain youth who relate to video rather than written content. 

The purpose is to initiate youth to the rapidly emerging phenomenon of high impact youth leadership and myriads of people-powered local solutions for creating a good new society of peace and abundance for all. 

Our resources:
* YouTube Virtual Peer Support channel. We carry out applied educational research from New Zealand and collect social innovation evidence. This channel is an online repository of our research material and leadership interviews in video format. We study the impact of video material on individuals and organisations who want to effect change. We disseminate these learning materials, over 20 hours of video, across over 450 interviews through our virtual leadership programmes. Funding from MSD, Todd Foundation, Tindall Foundation, Ministry of Health - ~250,000 views

* The free Virtual Role Model course explains to families/whānau and young people what impact they can have to connect disabled people to community and mainstream. This virtual role model course is showcased by UNESCO. These e-learning programs were aimed at multicultural audiences and have reached a wide range of learners. Early successes brought new demand, with some programs reaching a combined attendance of over 10,000 online learners. Some were accessible via the platform. Watch the introduction clip.

* The Migrants and Refugees with disability storytelling project. Showcased in the 2013 New Zealand Race Relations Report submitted to the United Nations by the Human Rights Commission. Funded by the IHC Foundation. 

* The travel safe collection of videos and its companion workbook guide to teach young people with disabilities the basics of keeping safe in their communities.

* The Australian and New Zealand Royal College of Psychiatry Family Therapy online course, the first of its kind at the Auckland and Waikato District Health Boards, New Zealand. This course was one of 3 compulsory courses in psychology that psychiatrists consultants took as part of their program and was available through their intranet.

Through this and a variety of social media platforms, our total reach is >300,000.

Our research is peer-reviewed and published.

If you would like more information about this project, please email us.