Video-call therapy post-lockdown: client experiences

  • Type of ProjectResearch
  • Stage of CompletionIn progress
  • Area of InterestTechnology, Community, Integrated care
  • Health DomainProvider, Consumer, Quality, Patient experience
  • Geographic RegionNational
  • Priority PopulationRural

Organisation: AUT University

Date started: 2023

This research explores client experiences of using video-calls for therapy, following the conclusion of COVID-19 lockdowns in Aotearoa New Zealand.

COVID-19 triggered a surge in the online delivery of psychotherapy. Lockdowns and associated public health measures required that most therapy in Aotearoa New Zealand take place remotely, often via video-call technology such as Zoom or Teams. Overseas research from before and during the pandemic has documented the experiences of clinicians providing the therapy, but not the experiences of clients – and we know little of clients’ experiences of video-call therapy in the time since lockdowns have ended. 

This research aims to describe clients’ experiences of video-call therapy in Aotearoa New Zealand in the post-lockdown era. It is hoped the study will provide a better understanding of how this mode of therapy is experienced by clients outside of lockdown conditions, help health professionals contemplate how they deliver therapy via video-call, and aid the delivery of improved services using video-call technology. 

If you have engaged in video-call therapy in Aotearoa New Zealand, since COVID lockdown restrictions ended, and you have completed your therapy – we are interested in hearing about your experiences. Research interviews will focus on your experience of video-call therapy, not on the reasons for/content of your therapy. 

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