Maori equity dashboard

  • Type of ProjectProject, Ministry of Health Planned Care, Policies & procedures
  • Stage of CompletionProposed
  • Area of InterestTechnology, Planned care
  • Health DomainEquity, Kaupapa Maori, Data & digital
  • Geographic RegionCentral
  • Priority PopulationMaori

Organisation: Lakes District Health Board

1. Understanding Maori equity within planned care, and deep-diving into data analytics around this issue will enable the DHB to better target funding and initiatives to resolve inequity. Lakes DHB is not able to easily access equity data for the whole pathway and present it in an easy-to-read visual way to support quality improvement conversations and demonstrate improvement in real-time.

2. To undertake an upgrade of Lakes Data Warehouse.

This project is funded by the Ministry of Health. 

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