New South Wales - Comprehensive Guide to Telehealth

October 2019

Although these three documents are not from a New Zealand context, there is a lot of useful information relevant to individuals or individuals looking to introduce or grow their telehealth programs. 

The development of telehealth in New South Wales has gone through a number of key stages

Stage 1: Strategic Review:

In 2015 New South Wales Ministry of Health commissioned Nous Group to undertake a comprehensive strategic review of telehealth in their region. The Strategic review of telehealth in NSW: Final report outlined the state of telehealth in 2015, the desired future state, and a list of recommended actions.


In 2016 the Ministry of Health embraced many of the recommendations and launched a Telehealth Framework and Implementation Strategy 2016-2021. This report took many of the recomended actions from the 2015 Nous Group report but attatched timeframes and allocated responsibility for the actions. 

Stage 3: Implementation examples 

 One action was the creation of a very comprehensive telehealth guide called Telehealth in Practice. The 43 page document provide a lot of background to telehealth, a where to start guide, resources, considerations. 

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