Endpoints are the units that users interact with and networks connect endpoints together. Another important component in video conferencing is the video infrastructure. The centralised infrastructure is generally specialist computer and video equipment which performs many important tasks such as registering devices, controlling calls and joining multiple callers together in a meeting room.


Device registration is essentially an endpoint logging into a centralised server, in much the same way a computer would login to a work environment. The registration process will identify what device is logging in and will identify it as available and able to be called


An address book is generally centrally held and downloaded by each endpoint. This makes it quick and easy to find and call others within the Telehealth network.


Some complex systems will register a number of devices for a single person - for example, a person may simultaneously register on their phone, tablet, computer and desktop video conference terminal. They can seamlessly be contacted on a number of devices depending on their availability. This is frequently referred to as Unified Communications or 'presence'.


All devices will support one to one video calls, but if three or more participants will be in a video conference, a 'bridge' or 'meeting room' must be used. Although some endpoints will have an internal bridge, these are often restricted in the number of participants (max 4 to 7 depending on system) and quality (some with resolution not up to 720 pixels). Centralised bridges and meeting rooms have extremely high processing power especially when 720p HD calls are made between multiple participants.

Centralised bridges also offer benefits such as calendar and email scheduling, call recording and playback and automatic camera selection based on the current speaker.


Private networks will often have an internet gateway which allows users outside the network to connect securely through the centralised infrastructure into a meeting room.

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