cloudcheck logoCloudcheck is a flexible electronic identification verification tool that allows you to verify the identity of your patients in seconds using New Zealand & Australian government data and biometric checks.

Be confident of a patients identity

Cloudcheck allows health providers to remotely verify their patient's identity for activities like GP clinic enrolment without necessarily having to meet the patient in person. This is important because when you're only meeting your patient on-line, you won't necessarily have the confidence around who you are dealing with. Verifying the patient's identity electronically can give you the added assurance that they are who they say they are.


How the system works

Assurance of a patients identity is achieved in two ways:

Identity Verification: an identity verification will check the data on the ID document back to the issuing database (e.g. NZTA Driver Licence database) to ensure that the document details are genuine and currently valid (e.g. not stolen).

Biometric Checks: these are an optional extra, an anti-fraud tool, to try and match the patients face back to their ID document to try and ascertain that they are the genuine owner of that ID document.

The easiest way to run these checks is to simply send your patient a Cloudcheck email or SMS that they click on and are then guided through the process. These checks can be performed on the vast majority of devices via a web browser, no apps or downloads as necessary. You are then notified in real-time of the result so that you can continue your patient enrollment.


How to start using Cloudcheck

Verifi Identify Services has provided significant discounts for the health sector during the COVID response period, and an ongoing discount to support the use of virtual health tools into the future. 

You can start the process to be verified as a health organisation here:

Once this is done, Verifi Identify Services can share the discounted pricing rates with you and if you choose, continue with the signup process for using Cloudcheck.

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About Cloudcheck

Cloudcheck is made by Verifi Identity Services, established in Auckland in 2012 they are a leading provider of online electronic identity verification solutions for companies requiring real-time online verification of their customers. Cloudcheck is used by New Zealand household names such as Milford Asset Management, 'givealittle' and Lotto, you can see more names here: