Testing your internet connection

For a successful video consultation, it is important you have good internet connection. For the best possible connection:

  • Plug in your device using an ethernet cable, this will be better than WiFi
  • If you are on WiFi, try to be as close to the WiFi access point as possible
  • On a computer, close applications or programs
  • Minimise others using the internet connection during your consultation

Checking your connection speed

You should check your internet connection is working well before the consultation takes place. Sometimes, internet connection can be patchy in different areas of a building, so test in the room or space where you intend to have the consultation.


Understanding internet speeds

Download speed: How fast video and audio can be downloaded from the internet. This affects how well you can see and hear others in the video consultation.
Upload speed: How fast video and audio can be sent to the internet. This affects how well others can see and hear you during a video consultation.

Acceptable speeds: Most modern video software will adjust automatically based on the quality of the internet connection. A slower connection may be sufficient for some basic consultations, while other consultations may require more bandwidth for high definition video. As a general minimum:

  • <1Mbps - Very low (if possible, complete a test call with the provider)
  • 1-2Mbps - Low
  • 2-5Mbps - Medium
  • 5-10Mbps - Good
  • >10Mbps - Excellent