Telehealth standards NZ

Telehealth standards NZ
  • Type of ProjectPolicies & procedures, Project
  • Stage of CompletionIn progress
  • Area of InterestTechnology, Industry, Public health
  • Health DomainData & digital, Governance & management
  • Geographic RegionNational
  • Priority PopulationN/A

Organisation: NZ Telehealth Forum

Date of project: 2023

Update: Project completed

The telehealth data standards working group was established several months ago and is working with the Ministry of Health, district health boards, primary care and industry representatives to explore the potential key attributes of data and how it is handled among standards, for example:

1. Mode of consultation/appointment
2. Device mechanisms that generated data
3. Clinical findings generated by virtual or device means
4. Patient reported outcomes/effectiveness
5. Clinical episode outcome measures.

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