Medical Protection Society telehealth advice

Medical Protection Society telehealth advice
  • Type of ProjectResource
  • Stage of CompletionCompleted
  • Area of InterestIndustry
  • Health DomainLaw, policy & ethics
  • Geographic RegionNational
  • Priority PopulationRural

Organisation: Medical Protection Society (MPS)

Date of project: April 2020

The webinar is relevant for all medical/nursing staff who conduct remote consultations. It discusses potential risks of telehealth and gives practical guidance on how to safely conduct a consultation.  

There is also the Q&A sheet answering questions that arose during the webinar. The article titled 'Coronavirus and medicolegal questions and answers' answers some common questions. The article 'COVID-19 and remote consultations – how we can help' is a short article with some brief advice about telehealth. 

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