Caring for adults with COVID-19

Caring for adults with COVID-19
  • Type of ProjectPolicies & procedures, Resource
  • Stage of CompletionCompleted
  • Area of InterestCommunity, Public health
  • Health DomainSafety, Provider, Quality
  • Geographic RegionInternational
  • Priority PopulationN/A

Organisation: NSW Government

Date of project: 2021

People who have tested positive to the delta variant of concern of COVID-19 may be managed in the community. Care can be provided by a COVID-19 specific service, community team, virtual care service or through Hospital in the Home (HITH).

The team that is responsible for the care of a person with COVID-19 will vary according to local resourcing, geographic location and service models but should be multidisciplinary in nature.

Purpose of this guideline: This document outlines guidance to assist staff to:

  • Triage patients who can safely be cared for in the community at the time of referral
  • Predict those who may be at risk of requiring hospitalisation
  • Detect clinical deterioration
  • And escalate appropriately.

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