Rural Smart Health

Rural Smart Health
  • Type of ProjectResearch, Project
  • Stage of CompletionCompleted
  • Area of InterestPrimary care, Community, Technology, Population health
  • Health DomainPatient experience, Consumer, Equity
  • Geographic RegionNational
  • Priority PopulationRural, Older persons

Organisation: Massey University and Vensa Health

Project completed: 15 November 2021

Rural Smart Project - Update

Telehealth would be welcomed by rural communities but communities need to be involved in the design and implementation so that it meets their own needs. Rural communities are not all alike; they face different challenges requiring different solutions. Telehealth is not well understood and needs to be socialised. Users, both consumers and health providers, need to be able to try telehealth in a safe environment before using it for access to healthcare. The willingness to use telehealth is there but it needs to be used correctly the first time with support until it has become ‘business as usual’.

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