Introduction to Telehealth - Learning Module

Introduction to Telehealth - Learning Module
  • Type of ProjectInternal audit & evaluation, Resource
  • Stage of CompletionIn progress
  • Area of InterestNursing, Tertiary care, Integrated care, Secondary care, Community, Primary care, Aged care, Planned care, Youth, Medical, Technology, Industry, Public health, Allied health, Population health
  • Health DomainData & digital, Equity
  • Geographic RegionNational
  • Priority PopulationYouth, Rural, Disability, Maori, Older persons, Low-socio economic, Pacific

Organisation: Collaborative Aotearoa

Date of project: January 2023


Telehealth Module: review platform and current content.

Why: as telehealth has evolved and the further use of data and digital technologies has expanded, resources require regular review and update to ensure content and currency remains beneficial and impactful.

Findings: the role of Collaborative Aotearoa is to support their membership to improve the access, equity, quality and sustainability of services, this includes the utilisation of telehealth, plus other integrated data and digital technologies. This module is also utilised by the wider health workforce for the implementation of telehealth within their area of practice, making it a valued and much utilised learning resource integral to the sector.

Summary: a greater emphasis on equity and whanau related care needs to be woven through the Introduction to Telehealth learning module to better align our commitement to Te Tiriti, Waitangi and Te Pae Tata: Interim NZ Health Plan 2022. A generalised update with wording, use of language and updated position statements needs to be incorporated. 

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