Health Care Home National Collaborative and Victoria University

Health Care Home National Collaborative and Victoria University
  • Type of ProjectInternal audit & evaluation
  • Stage of CompletionCompleted
  • Area of InterestPrimary care, Technology
  • Health DomainProvider
  • Geographic RegionNational
  • Priority PopulationN/A

Organisation: Health Care Home Collaborative and Victoria University of Wellington

Date of project: August 2020

Forced change for delivery of primary health care during lockdown from in-person to telehealth/remote care. There was a lack of data collection on patient experiences of health care during lockdown.


  • Most consultations with primary care in-person
  • Phone triage had been occurring in Health Care Homes and some phone consults for known or minor health issues
  • Around two thirds of practices were offering a patient portal in 2019
  • Around 20% of patients at these practices were registered to use the portal
  • 4% were using video conferencing
  • 21% offered open notes
  • 65% offered access to laboratory results.

During COVID-19

  • 86% of survey respondents had contact with primary care during lockdown. Of these:
  • 85% made contact by phone
  • 30% made contact through an online portal or website
  • 26% visited the clinic
  • 15% made contact by email
  • 61% had a telephone consult
  • 5% had a video consult.

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