Telehealth Leadership Group annual meeting

December 2020

Pictured (left to right): Darren Douglass, Deon York, Lisa Livingstone, Faustin Roman, Christine Walsh, Charis Frethey, Yariv Doron, Craig Green, Andrew Panckhurst, Richard Li, Ruth Large, Kanny Ooi and other members attending via Zoom.  

Earlier this month, the Telehealth Leadership Group came together for an annual meeting held in Wellington to discuss the strategic refresh. This project has been a big focus for the group for the last few months with the aim to define what the organisation looks like, set key objectives and deliverables, define membership and explore opportunities for future growth. The group looks forward to the future of telehealth in New Zealand following Covid-19 and how they can better position themselves to continue supporting clinicians to implement telehealth services in a valuable way.