Digital Enablers

The Digital Enablement working group was formed in November 2020 under the NZ Telehealth Forum's umbrella to focus on the telehealth technology and digital services that sit between a clinician and patient.

The working group will provide leadership relating to digital enablement and telehealth. They will promote and advocate for best practice while also identifying opportunities where national leadership can overcome barriers and increase telehealth adoption. The working group will create awareness, sharing and promoting positive digital enablement examples in telehealth. The working group will create and share knowledge in areas including:

• Software products and solutions used to support telehealth in NZ
• Hardware products including phone, tablet, computer and peripherals (tech and clinical)
• Security and privacy requirements for telehealth
• Connectivity required to facilitate telehealth

Terms of Reference

The Terms of Reference is available here


Chair Organisation Contact
Andrew Panckhurst (Chair) Telehealth Advisor, Mobile Health and the New Zealand Telehealth Resource Centre Email