Telemonitoring Programme

Telemonitoring Programme
  • Type of ProjectMinistry of Health Planned Care, Project
  • Stage of CompletionIn progress
  • Area of InterestPlanned care, Secondary care, Community
  • Health DomainPatient experience, Equity, Kaupapa Maori, Data & digital
  • Geographic RegionNorthern
  • Priority PopulationPacific, Maori

Organisation: Counties Manukau District Health Board

This project seeks to co-design a remote in-home telemonitoring programme for vulnerable heart failure patients. The service was piloted in 2020 by the CM cardiology team whereby home BP monitors and electronic scales were distributed alongside telephone support. The pilot results were very positive; firstly, from both a patient and whanau experience perspective, secondly from a travel perspective due to saved time and costs, and less time off required from work/school, and lastly in terms of blood pressure and pulse data the patients experienced statistically significant improvements.

The project seeks to role out the in-home telemonitoring programme underpinned by co-design principles. Through all phases of implementation patient, whanau and staff experience will be collated and measured.

This project is funded by the Ministry of Health. 

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